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"Natural Beauty Product Made In Sweden -Your answer to a natural beauty lift."

What is Restylane ®?

Restylane ® is Non-Animal Stablilised Hyaluronic Acid (NASH). It creates volume for the treatment of lips, lines, wrinkles and facial folds. Its results are immediate.
What is it made of?
Restylane consist of complex sugar chains which have been stabilised for longer; lasting effect on the skin.

How Long Does it Last?

Restylane lasts up to one year, depending on the areas being treated, the depth of the lines, the condition of the skin and the lifestyle of the individual. Most people return at 6 – 9 months for a top-up.

Does the treatment hurt?

Restylane ® treatment involves injection into the skin, you therefore may experience some discomfort, however local anaesthetic creams and injections can be used to minimize pain.

What will I look after treatment?

You may have slightly pinker skin and some swelling.

What are the side effects?

The side effects of Restylane ® treatment may include swelling, redness and occasional bruising. Swelling is most likely effect because Restylane ® attracts the bodies own water to the area. Other side effects may include minor lumps, itching or tenderness, which usually resolves quickly.

Is it Toxic?

Restylane ® is safer because it contains no animal proteins allergens or chemicals.

Can I go straight back to work after treatment?

Yes but for a first treatment it is probably better to schedule your appointment for the end of the day and preferably by the end of the week.