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Omigraft Automated Hair Transplantation

OmigraftTM automated hair transplantation is the latest model of an Automated Follicular Unit Extraction (F.U.E) TECHNIQUE. It is a robot using micro-instruments to remove follicular units, which makes surgery simpler, faster, and less debilitating for the patient. The hairs taken are immediately sucked up into a sterile catheter and transferred to a small hand-piece that pushes the hair into a small reception orifice by simple presser.

Advantage of F.U.E

  • Minimally invasive
  • Less visible scars
  • Little post-operative pain
  • Optimal vascularization and growth

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Is the OMNIGRAFT TM Automated Hair Transplantation suitable for everyone?

Ans: Provided there is enough donor hair at the back of your head, the procedure is suitable for you. Very few, although some people, have limited donor hair, and even then there are alternative methods that can provided hair from other parts of the body.

2. Does the OMNIGRAFT TM Automated Hair Transplantation achieve better results?

Ans: The grafts (small pieces of tissue with one or several hair follicles) are removed one after another with a special punch from that part of the head where there is undamaged hair growth. A punch of the same size is used for the creation of small openings into which the grafts are then implanted. FUE technique is not recommended for hair transplant sessions above 1000 grafts. Consult a dermatologist or plastic surgeon for hair transplant suitability and the best technique that is suited for that individual.