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Hair Transplant Procedure

What’s new in hair transplantation ?

 Dr Eileen Tan Clinic Hair Transplant - Follicles
  Dr Eileen Tan Clinic Hair Transplant
Preparing the Scalp
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Follicular unit extraction

Follicular unit extraction (FUE) is a minimally invasive procedure for performing follicular unit hair transplantation. However, unlike the predominant follicular unit transplant procedure, where a strip of donor tissue is removed and dissected under magnification, the FUE procedure uses a small punch to extract each follicular unit one by one.

The small hole left behind after the follicle is extracted then heals over the following week. Normally this small round incision contracts as it heals, making the resulting round scar smaller than the size of the 1mm punch that made the incision. The FUE patient ultimately ends up with hundreds of small round white scars, which are normally not detectable once the patient’s hair grows out.

The standard strip excision procedure has the advantage of utilizing a collaborative team to carefully create the grafts once the donor tissue is removed in a strip. This team approach enables a patient to get a much larger number of grafts/hairs in one sitting at a much lower cost compared to a FUE procedure.

In a FUE procedure, the dermatologist has to personally extract all follicles, one by one. Follicular unit extraction requires considerably more time in surgery to move a given amount of hairs to the bald area, hence the procedure is very expensive. However, FUE procedure may have a role in young patients who have very limited elasticity in their donor area or who only need a small number of grafts.