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Hair Transplant

What Is A Hair Transplantation Procedure?

The procedure is to provide a permanent, surgical solution for men and women who desire to have their own naturally grown hairs. This permanent solution will work whether your hair is only starting to recede, is thinning or is mostly gone from the top of your scalp. Hair transplantation is effective for hair loss due to hereditary, scars from radiotherapy, infections or scars etc. Hair transplantation is also performed to grow sideburn, eyebrow, chest and pubic hairs.

Hair Transplantation, performed by Dr.  Eileen Tan, an experienced dermatologist, is the ultimate permanent solution to hair loss. Strips of hair bearing skin are surgically removed from the “donor area” and cut into very small grafts containing 1-2 hairs (micrografts) and minigrafts containing 3-6 hairs. These grafts are then placed meticulously and undetectably into the bald and thinning areas. The donor area consists of hairs on the back and sides of the scalp that are genetically programmed to grow for life. The newly transplanted hair will quickly take root, and after a short resting period, will grow—and keep on growing!  As hair growth is a very slow process,  the transplanted hair growth become obvious fourth to five months after the procedure and will grow about 1 cm per month.

Hair Transplantation is a combination of both art and science. Each hair on your head grows at a definite angle, in a specific direction, making a hair pattern uniquely your own. In restoring your own hair, we closely try to duplicate original pattern naturally.  Using follicular unit transplantation technique, Dr. Tan creates a hairline that will look natural.

When your new living hair grows, you can do everything you always did  ----- you can wash, comb, cut and style it as you like. You can have your life with your own natural, full head of living hairs.

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